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José Antonio Reyes Dies Aged 35

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1 hour ago, MUFC said:

Sad news but rest in peace also the 2 passengers who lost their lives, due to Reyes doing 120 in a 70 zone.

Having a fast car can be very intoxicating, it can be difficult not to push the pedal down.


R.I.P. Reyes


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This Instagram post from his son saying goodbye to his father is heartbreaking and has had me genuinely crying in fits. It's a picture of the last time they were both together a few days back and he dedicates this open letter which I will translate. How sad, how devastating for the children most of all! To lose one's father. I am lost for words. Beneath the Instagram post I will translate.


"This is the last moment we had together dad... that day you were giving me advice like you always do, but today you've gone but you will never come back this time and this is very tough for me! I was and always will be proud of you dad, we never managed to spend all the time we both wished together but only you and ai know how much we loved eachother!  I know that from heaven you will look after me and I will never forget you!! I love you dad!!"

I've had to stop various times to breath and wipe my eyes to translate this. Why do these things happen where parents are taken away!

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