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LMS League 2019-20 Round 5 (Ligue 1)

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Bienvenue, to the fifth round of this season's Last Man Standing League.

We have arrived in France now, and it's only January, some shocking performances from us collectively so far! Hopefully some of us can get a better streak on the board here.

@Lucas @nudge @Eco @Teso dos Bichos @Storts @Tommy @Michael @Bluewolf @JOSHBRFC @RandoEFC @DeadLinesman @...Dan @Rucksackfranzose @Stan @Dan @SchalkeUK @CaaC (John) @Azeem @Batard @Mel81x @Viva la FCB @Pyfish and any newcomers more than welcome.

As always, pick a team each week, if they win, you survive, if not, you're out. You can't use a single team more than once.


Preview - Gameweek One

Below is the first set of fixtures for Ligue 1. First one is on Friday night so don't forget to make a pick before then to maximise your chances. I will give you a friendly reminder on Wednesday or Thursday.

Nice vs Rennes

Marseille vs Angers

Brest vs Amiens

Monaco vs Strasbourg

Montpellier vs Dijon

Reims vs Metz

Saint-Etienne vs Nimes

Lyon vs Toulouse

Nantes vs Bordeaux

Lille vs PSG

Good luck! My pick for Gameweek One is Montpellier.

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1 minute ago, RandoEFC said:

@...Dan and @Lucas still to pick.

If you see this mid weekend you can still choose from the fixtures that are left.

Yeah, I'm still undecided on whether to go for a risky one or a sure thing xD

My first thought was Nantes so I'll just pick them for now, though I might change my mind tomorrow.

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