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LMS League 2019-20 Round 6 (Eredivisie)

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Welcome to Round Six of this season's Last Man Standing League as we break new ground!

This round takes is to the Eredivisie in Holland for the first time. Possible future destinations include Portugal and Turkey, with the MLS the natural place to finish the season as it extends into the summer and we don't run the risk of the season ending before the competition.

As always, a quick reminder of the rules: pick one team that you think will win each week. If they win, you survive, if they draw or lose, you're out. You can't use the same team twice. I'll go through the tie breaker if we get one.

Tagging everyone that has been involved so far this season in any round. All newcomers are welcome as always.

@Lucas @nudge @Eco @Tommy @Bluewolf @Michael @Teso dos Bichos @Storts @RandoEFC @DeadLinesman @Stan @Dan @JOSHBRFC @...Dan @Rucksackfranzose @Mel81x @SchalkeUK @CaaC (John) @Azeem @Viva la FCB @Batard @Pyfish


Preview - Gameweek One

Fixtures begin on Friday evening and run through to mid-afternoon on Sunday. I'll tag people on Friday afternoon/evening if they haven't yet made a pick.

Current table:


And this week's fixtures:


Good luck everybody! My pick for Gameweek One is (christ do I have to choose one?) Sparta Rotterdam.

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10 hours ago, DeadLinesman said:

Shit week again with dross playing dross and the best playing each other xD

xD Looking at the form of some of those teams from 4th place down it's a mass of draws and losses and even the top 2 have had losses in recent weeks.. 

Going to have to go with Ajax first please mate

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