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Christmas Forum Game - Santa v The Humbugs

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When two tribes go to war...

It is midnight Christmas Eve. Can Santa deliver all the presents before the children wake up? Can the humbugs stop Christmas? Sign up now and choose whether you want to join Team Santa or Team Humbug.

How the game works
There are 12 rounds (12:30am, 1am, 1:30am, 2am etc until we reach 6am when the children wake up), you will make a move each round. There are four towns Santa must deliver presents to (Tinsel Town, Christmas Valley, Christmas Cove and Joyville). That sounds simple... but not this Christmas! The humbugs are out to stop the fun! The humbugs have the power to stop Santa delivering presents or destroy what he has delivered. Santa's elves must defend Christmas from them! 

Roles and powers will depend on the number of players and will be randomly assigned, but you may choose which team to be on.

To sign up visit our tab section at the top of the forum where you can apply for whichever team you want with just a click :D


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Cant have those nasty Humbugs ruining Xmas for all those innocent kids that are yet to be poisoned by Social Media and life in general... Not this year anyway.. 

Team Santa.. 

I will get my Humbug squishing Boots and Gloves out of the cupboard...  must not forget to wear my high vis at all times, safety first and all that... 

Image result for humbug squashing gif

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  • The title was changed to Christmas Forum Game - Santa v The Humbugs
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29 minutes ago, Kitchen Sales said:

Now I know what @Batard in mafia wars and people who work in a CCTV control rooms feel like when they can see two groups making decisions the other group have no idea is about to happen



Best thing about the game! 

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Having informed Team Santa that Round 10's results make their defeat almost inevitable I have formerly accepted their surrender. Team Humbug are victorious, Christmas is cancelled.

You can view the write up for Round 10 in your respective team areas, I haven't pinged anyone a notification for it as I am using this post for notifications, so here's a link ( Team Santa ) ( Team Humbug )

It was the first game of this type, trial and error, if there is to be another I was thinking of maybe a capture the flag type theme.

Roll the credits...

Team Santa

Santa Claus played by @Batard

Mrs Claus played by @Bluewolf 

Macaulay Culkin played by @ASF

Naughty-or-Nice List Sorting Elves played by @Teso dos Bichos and @Stan

Gift Wrapping Elves played by @Machado, @Storts, @Danny, @Tsubasa and @Dan

The Snowman played by @Cicero

The winners, Team Humbug

Jack Frost played by @Cannabis

Marv and Harry played by @Mel81x and @Anton

Gremlins played by @Berserker, @Rucksackfranzose, @Dickie and @Burning Gold

Scrooge played by @nudge

The Grinch played by @RandoEFC

Hans Gruber played by @Toony


And now to sing us out with a terrible rendition of we are the champions...


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