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After a debate with myself and other members, I'll just start this. 

Here is a list of all the members I can remember.




Teso Dos Bichos



The Artful Dodger






Smiley Culture




The Rebel CRS






Chaaay AFC


Dr Gonzo





Shut Up









Viva la FCB


Happy Blue

True Blue





Bluebird Hewitt

Any O'Brien










Hugh Jass



True Blue





True Bender



I think I've gotten all the established members + a few more.


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I'll post first (unless someone beats me to it while typing) and just remove the ones I don't know about.



Doesn't seem to be into football much, I can tell he's one that's lost interest in the game. Nevertheless, a valuable member to the Pub area. Very social and a good person to talk to. Perth Glory is my Australian team if that's any consolation


I think he's a great member and its been fun to converse with him whether its about unpopular opinions, international football or in the Pub. All are good topics that can add to the debate of the forum and he knows his stuff.


Similar to Stan but I run into him a bit more, so naturally I'd have more to say about him. Established member of course and has a good posting style as his posts are always in detail and understandable as well as enjoyable to read. 

Teso Dos Bichos

I think most people here know my opinion on him so no comment


Dan is the only member I've been talking to for more than a year from TF365/TFF. Had a lot of discussions on FM and our struggles with the completely broken system but there's also been our successes. Now that I'm sharing a forum with him again its been enjoyable to read his FM saves in longer detail. I don't quite run into him as much but there's the occasional debate mostly in the unpopular opinions forum. Top fan too, travels across the country throughout the season which is basically a dream of mine but living in the 3rd biggest country in South America with shit roads outside of Lima, its not that easy :P


I always have gotten along with him and he's the brain of the forum. Sometimes people like to point out his flaws but I think we all need to acknowledge that we're not perfect and we all have them that some like and others don't. He has more experience than anyone else on here about football and even thinks like a South American sometimes which is always nice.


The perfect example of an argentinian. We've definitely had hardships in the past but that's all water under the bridge. At least for me. If I had just one complaint I would say it would be nice to hear his opinions more on the Libertadores and River Plate. Seems quiet about them but to be fair to him there aren't many on here to discuss it and not everyone wants to talk to themselves like I don't mind it. Top member and helps keep the banter going.


I don't run into him very much but I had to leave him in for doing an excellent job on the IT side of things. Keep up the good work.


Another one I don't run into much but I love the continued abuse of Manchester United. They aren't a club I hate but I find some of the things they do hilarious at times so its good to have someone else who shares my thoughts on them.


We've had agreements and disagreements but I can definitely say we get along for the most part. He is pretty focused on football ramblings and its always good to have him in the CONMEBOL WCQ thread so I'm not totally talking to myself. I'm not counting any of the rubbish Teso posts in there mind.

The Rebel CRS

Doesn't post much anymore which is a shame because he's one of the forums most valuable members and knows his stuff well. Also thinks like a South American but has that English humour still in him.


He is a good member and I can appreciate his jokes aimed towards me but I can never really tell what he thinks of me as a whole. He follows football from all over despite not always posting about certain games. He's definitely a huge football lover and I'd dare say he's one of the brains of the forum.


I personally don't like him but he is a good poster. I just wish he'd hop off the bandwagon sometimes. Just an honest opinion though and not a pop at him. I'm sure others think differently.


One of the most serious staff members and he knows his French football well. By the way, I didn't congratulate you on the other thread but I'll do so here. Good luck with the baby and now to look forward to the future.


One of the Indian members on here and a good member all things considered especially since he seems to follow a range of football but I don't run into him as much as I would like to give a proper opinion.

Shut Up

No, you.


I will admit I have a bit of guilt that the Pub League didn't work out but that shows how committed he is, which is something I'm awful at so fair play to him. Another important member and been part of staff for a long time. I love his clickbait, and provocative humour.


Toony is a member I've had a ton of hardships in the past but that's all past it now. Its been for 2 reasons, because I learned to not knock people so easily for bullshit and because both of us have matured and grew into each other as posters. He's a superb member and in my opinion one of the best on here. When he puts passion into posting then he's a great member to have around and knows his stuff. My only complaint is that he's not very committed to forum games.


Big fan of him but doesn't post as much as I or I'm sure others would like. Life gets in the way and he definitely sees the forum as a secondary use which isn't a problem really. It would be good to have another regular South American poster I'd say.  Excellent poster though.


Who is the second best goalkeeper in the world? :D


Massive twat

Any O'Brien

Like Dan, I kept in touch with him. However we haven't talked proper in ages. I made a new Twitter and didn't follow each other and I'm sure he didn't think too highly of me anyways. Top member, not around as much as before but there's a reason he's so highly valued. Wish he wouldn't react so negatively sometimes but we're all different.


Good poster and very knowledgable on Italian football which obviously I'm a follower of. There were literally none back on the original TFF in 2014 so its good to finally have activity on the league.


Joined at the right time so we can discuss the Peru segunda division :D good addition to the forum. Very fun to talk to.

Hugh Jass

Another solid addition. He did mention he was on the old board but like Cannabis he posts in great detail and its always an enjoyable read. Mexican fan and a good one at that. Realist but a supporter at the same time and a good person to talk about Liga MX.


The best for last as he's the best member on the forum. He has a wide football knowledge as well as good experience of the 21st century. Also shows up in the pub and is a great guy to talk to as he can talk about pretty much anything.

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Here are my rather premature opinions of you for 2017. Probably missed a few but I've been working all day and don't have much time. Why is this so early anyway? 


@Stan - What can I say? The man's lovely. The man's got a lot to give.

@Tsubasa - My little German kraut. I'd sacrifice myself to save you at times.

@Salford Kel - Thought she was fine until she started discriminating at which point I couldn't give less of a fuck.

@Machado - Must have a huge penis. 

@Happy Blue - Get your filthy Arab money away from me! I can't tell whether you're the joker or the joke itself.

@Inverted - From what I can gather a fine speciment of a Scot. That's saying something. :ph34r:

@RandoEFC - Respectable. Really enjoying his content especially the African campaign in FM17.

@Dickie - My man you can have my dickie whenever you like. :$

@Any O'Brien - The truth is best when it comes from you man.

@Burning Gold - Seriously underrated and a genuinely nice guy.

@Tanksie - This pasty miserable cunt is just too good to be put out of his misery.

@VanPanna - Knows his shit and knows it well. Lang leef je.

@Cicero - The Italian stallion showed his smarts in the Pub League. He's very nice.

@Aaroncpfc - A man with potential. Next Palace manager.

@Takyon - We've had a nice discussion or two along the way. Handsome devil.

@nudge - My sort of person, adventurous and fun.

@Smiley Culture - Cool man. Condolences for Orient: I fucking despise what Becchetti has done to you.

@SirBalon - It's always great to read whatever you have to say.

@roversgirl - Very nice. I fucking despise Venkys and hope they leave you as soon as possible.

@Rab - Such a hard-worker. TF365's equivalent of God.

@Mel81x - Well-rounded and intelligent. Wish I could learn languages like you do.

@StefBWFC - My other candidate for holder of the biggest penis. When you're funny you're funny and when you're serious you make me nod in agreement. A dark horse if ever I've seen one.

@True Blue - Give me your body you Bosnian beauty. :x

@Berserker - You're my favourite South American over Che Guavara. Missed you when you were away.

@Fairy In Boots - It's not often I meet a smart and genuinely engaging Villa fan these days. You're one of them.

@LaSambadeStGermain - Don't get me wrong I'm not here to judge you and you shouldn't be here to judge me. In some ways I think you're alright but I don't think we're on the same wavelength at all. I'd also rather shoot myself square blank in the head before jumping on the bandwagon with people. I can't complain about your knowledge of your national team and your domestic leagues which are second to none but that's as far as I can go without going too far away from the above.

@Toony - Great guy and very dependable from what I can gather.

@ScoRoss - Another plucky Scot with smarts. I'm starting to spot a pattern here.

@Asura - Don't know you too well but nonetheless through reading your posts you come across as one of the good ones.

@IgnisExcubitor - Knowledgeable. That's all for now.

@Storts - Whishy-washy Tory bastard. :ph34r:

@HoneyNUFC - My favourite ginger. Would jump in front of a car for you with terms and conditions if you know what I mean. ¬¬

@ATL - I'd give my time for you if I knew you in real life. Congrats to you on the baby.

@Danny - Nice guy. I'll walk to Brentford with you at some point.

@FOYM - You feel genuine. I like you and think you'll go far in life in all senses.

@Cannabis - Give me the missus and we'll talk you rep whore. :ph34r:

@Spike - Intelligent... perhaps too intelligent.

@Bluebird Hewitt - Fully deserving of the legend title and a nice guy.

@Teso Dos Bichos - Really don't see that much of a problem with him at all other than the fact he's a United fan. Leagues above Brian in all departments.

@Harry - Until I saw a picture of you I genuinely thought you were black. Genuinely. xD

@Dan - Haven't seen you around much but I've been keeping track of your FM17 campaigns and they're good.

@Anton - Watashi wa itoshi teru shōga dansei.

@Batard - Leaving the best until last as always. Respectable and respectful, full of the right qualities and a hard-worker. Congrats on the good news: you'll be an excellent dad to him or her.

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51 minutes ago, Cure said:

Here are my rather premature opinions of you for 2017. Probably missed a few but I've been working all day and don't have much time. Why is this so early anyway? 

@Happy Blue - Get your filthy Arab money away from me! I can't tell whether you're the joker or the joke itself.

@Cure WHAT??? :rofl:  ..fuck off back to your safe space racist   ..If i wanted to kill myself, i would jump up your ego and down to your IQ level :coffee:

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6 minutes ago, Happy Blue said:

@Cure WHAT??? :rofl:  ..fuck off back to your safe space racist   ..If i wanted to kill myself, i would jump up your ego and down to your IQ level :coffee:

You can't jump into the ground mate.

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  • Administrator

Curiously premature thread with some interesting comments. Certainly about myself. I guess those threats I made to you about turning up in spandex with studded dildos unless you called me Daddy put a suitable amount of fear into you. Good good. Carry on as you were. 

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  • 5 months later...

Anton - Love him. Probably the only Aussie on here whom I can discuss the Socceroos with as well as A League. Not much of a football poster but he's likely past that phase by now so he's better than socialise with. Good humour too, the type I like.

Stan - The moment he realizes Peruvian food pisses over Indian is the moment I'll respect him. Nah, I'm just kidding. I enjoy the banter with him and he has a good grip of when you need to be serious or take the piss. 

Cannabis - Doesn't post as much as in the old days but he's another one I enjoy the banter with and is completely sound. He's a bit of a top poster in everything.

Teso Dos Bichos - Still the worst member I've ever met on any internet forum.

Dan - One of the best guys on here. We don't chat as much as on the old forum but he's my mate. Lots of conversations we've had about FM and international football as well as Leicester City. Its great intersharing the football here in Peru compared to there in England.

Sirbalon - A completely honest opinion here; I like him and he has a top football knowledge compared to everyone else. He has a passion for the site (hence his overly long and complicated posts) and of course for football. He is a bit arrogant though, and that for me holds him back from being the absolute top member. 

The Artful Dodger - Not come across him in actual conversation much but he has a great football knowledge and enjoy reading what he has to say.

Berserker - We've gone from having a hate relationship to a mixed one. I don't dislike him in the slightest, but I can never make out what he thinks of me. Regardless, its always great to have another South American brother on the forum. He's a fun guy to have around.

Rab - Don't think much needs to be said that hasn't already. He's not on the forum much but I know that if something goes wrong he will show up. That's why this place is here.

Aaroncpfc - I don't come across him much and he doesn't post in my area that much. No opinion. All I'll say is to start reading my fucking FM content :ph34r:

HK85 - Its not just the abuse he gives Teso - he is overall a great poster that should be very much valued.

Smiley Culture - Pessimistic and very English, but he's changed a lot from the old forum when I was on. He was just as pessimistic then but he's not got a new love for outside football as well.

LFCMadLad - He's only in the Prem section so I understandably don't come across him to much. Seems like a sound poster though.

Cicero - In terms of football posting, he's by a mile the top guy on here. While I wouldn't call him the number 1 brain of the forum, he knows his stuff a lot, can respect the opinions of others (for the most part) and basically helps dictate the serious part of the forum on his own. I've been on other forums, and some of them have completely unintelligent trolls that I don't always mind, but sometimes it just makes football discussion impossible.

The Rebel CRS - Wish he posted more, he's just like Cicero one of the more serious posters and makes for a good debate. I'd have him in the top 3 of most knowledgable posters of the forum.

Storts - an unsung hero in terms of football knowledge. I'm not saying that in that he's underrated as most can appreciate him like I can. I see much more knowledge there though then just English football like some believe. A little biased towards Spurs, but I'm no better with Peru so I can understand why he can be like that.

Tsubasa - The king of the Film forum and the Mental Image of other Members thread. Nuff said.

Machado - He's exactly the type of member I'd like to see post more - more foreign members are always welcome. its what makes this forum great in my opinion. There is so much diversity and Machado just adds to that.

Cure - One member I hope to never see again on here.

Batard - I'll be honest and just admit that I don't always agree with his decisions. I find him a bit sensitive as staff when given criticism, and he's got flaws. However, he works really hard to keep the place clean and more than warrants a place in admin. Its his decisions and they must be respected agree or not as I am convinced he knows well what he's doing. For me, the best staff member in terms of moderation.

Lucas - Fan of the member he is. Good long posts and full of knowledge. However, I can't rate him highly. Not because he's a bad member by any means, not even close. More because his posts mostly have to do with football in a section I'm not familiar with so I can't give a proper opinion.

Dickie - The banter king of America. Don't see him that often these days.

Asura - I really liked him as a person a while back, and I still do but he's not as active anymore.

ASF - Same story with Machado that I would have liked for him to be more active. Variety in nations is a good thing. Besides, he would have taken no shit from Teso :ph34r:

Shut Up - No, you

Inverted - Think I've only had a conversation with him once but he sticks to his guns and for me is another one of the brains of the forum. Criminally underrated member who's posts I always enjoy reading.

HoneyNUFC - His sense of humour is one I highly approve of. Lots of pops and clickbait but not actually aimed at anyone. Funniest member on here for me.

Toony - Things have changed between us and I get along with him fine now, but it had to do with both of us having changed and improved as posters. Like Inverted, he mostly sticks to his guns and always provides a valuable opinion.

El_Loco - He was my favourite poster on the old forum and he is still my favourite poster now. He shares the South American view that I have and for me he's the most knowledgable poster on the forum. Knows how to have humour when needed as well.

VanPanna - Don't have much of an opinion to be honest. I can just say that he's a good member.

Danny - Good member socially but I can't say I agree with a lot of his football views. He thinks too much in the English way which is fine for people domestically but doesn't seem to understand how things work outside the UK. Either way, in the off topic forums he is a great guy.

Viva la FCB - I don't like him but at least he's not necessarily a bad poster like Teso or Cure. He's just a massive cunt.

Happy Blue - THIS is how a troll should be done. We don't take him seriously because we know he's just having fun with all of us and are used to his humour. Not really only to have serious football convo but to have some banter.

True Blue - When he's serious, he's knows his Chelsea stuff. He's more of a member to befriend though as he's been here for a long time and is comfortable enough to say as he likes.

LaSambaDeStGermain - Complete twat

DeadLinesMan - No opinion. Didn't like him on the old forum and I don't have a chance to rebuild bridges with him here.

Any O'Brien - Used to have a mixed relationship with him. Much better now, but he's hardly active. Only really comes online to make Newcastle comments or have a bit of banter which is understandable.

Nudge - Haven't ran into here in a long time but for me she's one of the top 3 members in everything. Won't say much else than that.

Tarzanontoast - Where are you? :( 

Adziom - A mixed bag for me. Very negative nancy and we don't particularly get along, but I, just like him can appreciate good posts from either of us and that for me is a good thing.

Spike - Toned down a bit and I think he's going down from 2nd best member to 3rd :ph34r:

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44 minutes ago, Teso dos Bichos said:

Chris - knows his music even though he doesn't have the GOAT Biggie at the top. Probably can out fish everyone but me.

Berserker- hijo mio!! Good or bad, you will always be my hijo!

Nicholas- créme de la créme! Best poster by a large margin and a Seahawks' fan as well. Blessed and for ever thankful to know him!

El_loco- has the best football knowledge #FACTS not #fakenews


Hijo mio i hope we fuck you guys again in Russia like we always do. :D

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Anton - Sound lad but unfortunately only interact with him through Mafia. Probably hates my guts considering I've foiled his plans twice. Reckon he has a busy life co-mingling with the Japs and taking care of Kevin, the cunt. 

Stan - At times I feel like it is only him and I posting in the matchday threads, especially early kick offs. Does his job and does it perfectly and without him, this forum wouldn't be here. Him constantly picking apart Brian's posts are always a good time. 

Cannabis - AKA Eric Bantana, AKA P.I Staker. Contributes all over the forum, and like Stan, place wouldn't be here without him. One of the founding fathers. Another career mode junkie and I always look forward to his posts. 

Teso Dos Bichos - Never have I seen a member filled with so much personal vendetta, irony, and contradiction. Blows different tunes and has a self serving bias mentality. The sort of minds that Storts attracts. All of this accumulated due to a traumatising incident from his youth by the infamous Alonso Conte, so can't really fault him. Those suggesting banning him don't really understand what he brings to the forum. For one, all United fans have gone MIA and two, he does actually contribute a lot and his posts some times are very knowledgeable when he doesn't have an agenda. Brings a lot to the forum through entertainment alone due to his posting habits and cock ups, could even have his own thread by now. 

Sirbalon - Probably the most knowledgeable and gayest poster on the forum. Deserves his new moderator role as, unlike myself, can contain himself. Provides a vast amount of footballing knowledge through descriptive and informative essays that in reality could be summarised in a simple paragraph. Can over complicate the simplest things.  Needs to embrace Hamsik in his life and Needs to make an appearance on  AFTV.  

The Artful Dodger - Still tracking his cycles. Need to be prepared for when that time of the month comes. Very knowledgeable but if glory hunters were Jews, he'd be Hitler.  

JoshBFCF - Great member and he needs to post more and needs to get his second place FIFA medal already. Needs polishing. 

Berserker - Die hard River fan. And when I say Die Hard, I mean that even if a pig was wearing a River kit, he'd find a reason as to why that pig is better than Aguero and Messi. One of the best members of the forum and Forever my little puta in Mafia. 

Rab - The GOAT. Nothing more. 

Aaroncpfc - Reuben Loftus-Cheek enthusiast who I will miss next year in the championship thread. We love Reuben Loftus-Cheek and we have accepted that Reuben Loftus-Cheek will be an England Great. Reuben Loftus-Cheek. Reuben Loftus-Cheek. Reuben Loftus-Cheek. 

HK85 - On par with Storts in the fishing. Absolute gold. Haven't seen the majority of his posts but I like what I've seen so far. 

LFCMadLad - Favorite person to argue with. Haven'[t been able to do so this season as he is too busy arguing with other Liverpool fans. Solid member and probably the first one I think of when someone mentions Liverpool member. 

The Rebel CRS - Starting to post much more which is a plus. Career mode junkie and La Liga enthusiast. Legendary poster but won't ever let him forget the absolute spanking I gave him in FIFA 2013. Never stood a chance. 

Storts - Great member who should seriously cut all ties with afootballforum. Horrid place filled with Cunts and it would be great if he focused all of his time here. Very iconic member like Chris and contributes a lot outside of the premier league threads. Mafia rank #2. 

Tsubasa - Like Storts and Chris, a very iconic and legendary member. Film enthusiast and always take his film recommendations to heart. Still needs to embrace Jon Snow as his lord and savior. 

Machado - Wouldn't surprise me if him and Batard were the same person. Sound, informative, doesn't pick sides, and contributes a lot to the forum. His Mafia game was one of the best and should really work with Batard to do more, or join in himself. 

Cure - PM'd me and said he won't come back until Machado forgives him. 

Batard - Same with Machado. Absolute mad he's only turned 21. xD

Lucas - Never directly interacted with him but from his postings, can easily assume we'd get on. 

Dr Gonzo - Far less ill-tempered than MadLad. Insightful poster and always bases his reasoning with logical points. Still don't agree with his views on Ancelotti but nonetheless, absolutely nothing negative about him. 

Dickie - The one who actually asked Richard for Dick. Great lad and one of my favorites in Mafia. 

Asura - Goalkeepers can't be ranked in the best footballers of all time. Aside that, great lad who takes the piss out of Teso. Which is always fun. 

@ASF- Like every bluemoon, always a memorable moment when he makes an appearance. Football knowledge is superb. The likelihood of him replying. Zero

HoneyNUFC - Don't think i've ever read a post of his, that wasn't political, that was any serious. Hope that doesn't change. Forum comedian and will probably hold that title for the rest of our days. Legendary poster

El_Loco - Like Chris, it's great that he's posting more. His knowledge of South American football is faultless. 

VanPanna - Likes anal, and another victim of Alonso Conte. 

Danny - Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek . Sound Lad and we actually agree on some things. Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek 

6666 - SirBalon's kryptonite. His feuds with SalfordKel were great and can't think if there are any other Arsenal fans that would stand by him. Very individualistic, which makes him a great character of the forum. 

Viva la FCB - Only interact with him through Mafia Wars, but unlike some, whether he is mafia or a citizen, he always contributes. Only Bayern fan I think?

Harry - My GOT partner in crime. Love the theories we share as well as the possible reasonings behind certain elements of the show. If True Blue gets stick for looking like David Villa, Harry should be targeted just as much for his Messi impersonation. 

Happy Blue - #1 WUM. Forever is, and forever will be. Absolute forum legend. 

Fusion - @Fusion? Probably stopped posting when he realised Messi and Iniesta work at a sewing factory to support their families considering they play their football for free. 

LaSambaDeStGermain - Like him or don't, he brings a lot here. Whether through posts that seem questionable or controversy, he contributes a lot, which is always good. Probably the sole reason he has nearly all of us watch Peru matches now. Great member. 

DeadLinesMan - Post. More. Legendary member. 

Tanskie - The forum cannibal and always plays devil's advocate. Something that really defines him. Like 6666, has traits that bring a lot to the forum. 

True Blue - Great lad. Fellow blue and like a brother on the forum. 

Spike - Doubt anyone on the forum has anything negative to say about him. Sound lad and fellow blue. 

Carefreeluke - Same as Spike

Bluewolf - The forum grandpa and peacemaker. Fellow blue. 



Apologies if ive missed anyone. Knackered. 



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@Blue you need to change my name from Adziom to RandoEFC in your original post. Clearly people don't know who that is because Cicero missed me out and someone else said this:

3 hours ago, Blue said:


Adziom - A mixed bag for me. Very negative nancy and we don't particularly get along


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