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Last Man Standing League - Round 4 (La Liga)

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Welcome back to the game folks! I'll tag everyone who has taken part so far to alert you to the start of the La Liga competition. If you are not interested in taking part in this round, feel free to ignore this post, if you didn't take part in the previous rounds but want to get on board now, that's great - the more the merrier, as always. Obviously if you're not in for Gameweek One you won't be able to join in later on so get your picks in ASAP.

@Azeem @Dr. Gonzo @Viva la FCB @Lucas @RandoEFC @Panna King @Rucksackfranzose @Eco @Stan @nudge @Cicero @Rick @Mel81x @Bluebird Hewitt @The Palace Fan @Batard @Dan @Cannabis @José @DeadLinesman @shut up @DNA @Tommy @binder @Spike @Harry @robosys @bozziovai @SchalkeUK @StefBWFC @BounceAroundTheGround @JOSHBRFC @Storts @LFCMike @...Dan @Bluewolf @YNWA @AMG

You lot feel free to tag anyone who's not on the list but might be interested.


A quick reminder of the rules for those taking part:

- You only need to pick a team to win each Gameweek. If they win, you survive to the next week, if not, you are out of this round.

- You are not allowed to pick any team more than once.

- Your score for this round is the number of Gameweeks you successfully call right, plus any bonus points.

- You receive 3 bonus points for being the Last Man Standing, 2 bonus points for being second and 1 bonus point for finishing third.

- We can have joint 2nd and joint 3rd places but the Last Man Standing must be just one person.

- I am making a slight change to the tie breaker, which will occur when there are less than five people remaining. The tie breaker is to choose a first goalscorer from one of the matches in that game week. Unlike previous rounds, the way we'll run this now is that it will be the earliest minute in the game that the goalscorer finds the net, so if you choose Messi who scores in the 10th minute on Sunday evening, that trumps the guy who chose Griezmann who scored in the 17th minute on Saturday afternoon. The tie breaker only comes into effect if all remaining players' picks are incorrect. In this scenario, whoever chose the earliest goalscorer of the weekend following the above rule, will be crowned Last Man Standing.

If anyone has any further question, feel free to ask, but I like to think most of you probably know the score by now.

Please do take part just for the thrill of this La Liga competition on its own, even if you don't think you can make it to the top positions in the league table overall. Certainly feel free to join us even if you haven't taken part in previous rounds to. I'm looking at @CaaC - John and the likes here!


Preview - Gameweek One

Below are the fixtures for the first gameweek of this round, with odds from Bet365. Matches run from Friday (1st March) to Monday (4th March) so don't delay in making your picks!

Rayo Vallecano (2.62) vs Girona (2.70)

Espanyol (1.70) vs Real Valladolid (5.25)

Villarreal (1.80) vs Deportivo Alaves (4.50)

SD Huesca (4.00) vs Sevilla (1.95)

Real Madrid (2.50) vs Barcelona (2.62)

Eibar (1.80) vs Celta Vigo (4.20)

Real Betis (1.95) vs Getafe (4.20)

Real Sociedad (3.40) vs Atletico Madrid (2.25)

Valencia (1.90) vs Athletic Club (4.33)

Leganes (1.95) vs Levante (4.10)

It's an absolute doozy of a first week here with El Clasico presenting a big risk for La Liga's two biggest guns and Atletico Madrid on the road as well. Sevilla will tempt many, as they visit basement boys Huesca, but go into the game on a run of 1 point in their last 4 league games. It says a lot that the bookies' three favourite winners for the week are Espanyol and Eibar, who both sit in the bottom half, along with Villarreal, who still occupy the last relegation spot. All season, we probably haven't seen a set of fixtures with such a paltry offering of nailed-on favourites, but that just adds to the fun.

My pick for Gameweek 1 is Espanyol. Good luck folks!

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On 24/02/2019 at 21:22, Cannabis said:



On 25/02/2019 at 00:35, Azeem said:



19 hours ago, Lucas said:


That was very unexpected! 

@Lucas is France in 2002 World Cup. Holders out at the first hurdle. 

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13 hours ago, Stan said:



That was very unexpected! 

@Lucas is France in 2002 World Cup. Holders out at the first hurdle. 

I think after blitzing through a gazillion weeks doing Serie A, we all knew this was likely to happen xD

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