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Last Man Standing League 2019-20

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With Mafia Wars concluded for another little while, it's time for me to reboot another forum game for the new season.

For now, I'm looking for expressions of interest, so that I can tag anyone at the beginning of each round if you want to partake. Please let me know if you want to be on that list.

This year's contest will follow a very similar format to last year's. Full rules and details will follow in the near future.

@Viva la FCB @Lucas @...Dan @The Palace Fan @Teso dos Bichos @Bluewolf @Panna King @Eco @binder @Rucksackfranzose @nudge @Storts @Stan @Batard @StefBWFC @Tommy @Cicero @Dan @... @DNA @Harry @Dr. Gonzo @DeadLinesman @SchalkeUK @Spike @BounceAroundTheGround @CaaC (John) @Stick With Azeem @Bluebird Hewitt @JOSHBRFC @robosys @Mel81x @Rick @shut up @bozziovai @LFCMike @YNWA @Fairy In Boots @LFCMadLad @True Blue @6666 @Batard plus anyone else I've missed. The more the merrier, just one pick a week required to take part!

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