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Last Man Standing - World Cup Edition!

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With the World Cup starting in just a few days, we all need yet another forum competition to take part in, another Last Man Standing competition.


This is very simple, you have to choose one nailed on match winner from each round of fixtures, but you cannot choose a team more than once! The group stages will be split into three sets of fixtures, simply the first, second and third fixture for each group.



Strategically, this is a bit different from the last competition, as if you choose Germany, Brazil, France, Spain to get you through the Group Stage and Second Round, then the Quarter Final draw somehow looks like this...

Germany v Australia

Brazil v Tunisia

France v Panama

Spain v Saudi Arabia

... then there will be no special exceptions made - you cannot choose the same team twice in this situation!

However, if you make it as far as the Semi Final or Final and all/both of the remaining teams (e.g. a final of Germany v Brazil and you've already used both) then I'll have no choice but to let you choose one of them again. In fact, if you do make it to the Final and you haven't picked both of the finalists at some point this would be quite a big mathematical anomaly. This is the only exception though!


Tie Breaker

If we get to the final and we haven't yet gotten down to our last man, we will decide the winner either by the additional pick of First Goalscorer in the Final, or the Time of First Goal with the closest person winning. Which one depends on whether we have 2-3 contenders or 10 contenders.


Please let me know if you are interested and start making your picks, if this doesn't get much of a response I won't run it.

For the first round of fixtures you can choose from any of the 32 qualified teams:

Russia v Saudi Arabia

Egypt v Uruguay

Morocco v Iran

Portugal v Spain

France v Australia

Argentina v Iceland

Peru v Denmark

Croatia v Nigeria

Costa Rica v Serbia

Germany v Mexico

Brazil v Switzerland

Sweden v South Korea

Belgium v Panama

Tunisia v England

Colombia v Japan

Poland v Senegal


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All others welcome of course!

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4 minutes ago, Dan said:

First round I'll take a risk and go with Sweden.

That's out of character xD.

4 minutes ago, Stan said:

Definitely in. 

Russia to start with. May edit this though before Thursday! 

Please make it a new post if you do so I see it.

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This is a difficult call for the first set of fixtures, but for now I'm going with Argentina.

Im likely to bottle it though and swap to one of the big guns before Thursday. 

I prefer it if everyone can make their picks by Thursday but as there's no advantage to waiting as it only narrows your options, I will accept picks for remaining matches up until kick off of the last match in that round.

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4 minutes ago, RandoEFC said:

That's out of character xD.

Please make it a new post if you do so I see it.

Well why not eh? I can't be as unlucky as last time xD

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