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Last Man Standing - Euro 2021 Edition!

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As promised! The rules will be straightforward as usual, pick a winner and you survive if they do the business. We had some issues in the World Cup edition three years ago (this forum is getting old!) where some people got to the final and there were no eligible teams left. Because this is so much down to chance, the rules are going to be as follows:

If we get to the point later in the tournament where you have already used ALL of the teams left in a previous round, then you get a clean slate. If you get to say, the semi-finals, and you have used three of the teams left in the tournament, then you will unfortunately have no choice but to pick the one you haven't used. These are the same rules we used in the World Cup edition in 2018, but on that occasion we sort of made it up when it got to the latter stages and I wanted it to be clear from the start this time around. What does this mean for strategy? Well if you think you have an idea which four teams get to the semi-finals, or the final, you could make sure you use all four/two of these teams by that point in the tournament so you get that clean slate later in the game. A huge amount of it will come down to luck, though, and based off our collective Last Man Standing form for the past year, we might all have packed up and gone home before the semi-finals are even drawn!

As usual, I'll tag as many potentially interested members as I can. The first game is in about 10 days. If you want to be involved but it's too early for you to make a pick, let me know and I'll give you a tag 1-2 days before the first game kicks off. You're free to change your pick up to the point where the relevant games have kicked off.

I'm tagging everyone who took part in the World Cup edition, along with everyone who has taken part in the Last Man Standing League at some point this season, and a couple of extras, but all others are of course welcome and please tag anyone you think I've missed.

@Batard @RandoEFC @tlr @SirBalon @The Palace Fan @Inverted @Panna King @Eco @The Premier Steve's @DeadLinesman @Bluewolf @Dan @Tommy @El Profesor @Machado @Asura @Lucas @Stan @nudge @BounceAroundTheGround @shut up @Mel81x @Berserker @bozziovai @Rucksackfranzose @Marc @LFCMike @McAzeem @...Dan @The Artful Dodger @Viva la FCB @Whiskey @Toinho @Harry @Dr. Gonzo @CaaC (John) @Storts @Michael @Pyfish @Devil @Pugwash @ASF @6666 @Bluebird Hewitt @Burning Gold @Chaaay AFC @Cicero @Coma @Faithcore @God is Haaland @Gunnersauraus @Happy Blue @MUFC @Redcanuck @Rick @Robbie @Tar-Mairon

The fixtures for the opening matchday are below. Please pick your match winner or leave a comment requesting a reminder to make your pick in the days approaching the first kick off.


My pick for Matchday One is Italy!

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