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Last Man Standing League - Round 1 (Premier League)

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I know we are early here, but this gives everyone an opportunity to enter the Last Man Standing league competition with the English Premier League season getting underway in 17 days. For more information on the league format, see the thread below:



This is a lot simpler than the World Cup version due to the lack of a knockout format.

- You will simply choose a team you think are nailed on to win. If they win, you survive until the next round and make another pick. If they lose or draw, you are eliminated from this round of the competition. We continue until there is only one person left, and they receive some bonus points to go onto their overall points total in the league.

- Each set of fixtures is a round so the first time you get to choose from any of the 20 Premier League sides, but you can not use the same team twice. If we get strange weeks later in the season where teams have rearranged fixtures we'll just have to do our best to work around it, so some weeks there might be only six matches to choose from, but then a couple of weeks later there might be 14 matches to choose from to make up for it.

- I am not setting a time limit of when you must finalise your pick, as long as you obviously make your pick before that match kicks off. E.G. You could be away for the weekend but get back and choose one of the team's from Monday night's game, this is fine. You can also change your pick up until the kick off time of your original pick or your new pick, whichever comes first. You can do this as much as you want each week.

Any questions on the rules, please ask them below.



I will tag as many people as I think are at least slightly likely to take part here - if you aren't interested feel free to ignore - if I missed you off, I apologise, please join us if you'd like.

@ASF @Asura @BartraPique1932 @Batard @Berserker @Blue @Bluebird Hewitt @Bluewolf @BounceAroundTheGround @bozziovai @Burning Gold @Cannabis @carefreeluke @Chaaay AFC @Cicero @Cure @Dalmore @Dan @Danny @DeadLinesman @Devil-Dick Willie @Devon Von Devon @Dickie @DNA @Dr. Gonzo @Eco @El Profesor @Fairy In Boots @Faithcore @Fusion @Gunnersauraus @Happy Blue @Harry @Harvsky @HK85 @IgnisExcubitor @Inverted @kapisevicius @Kowabunga @Large @LFCMadLad @LFCMike @londonerlilie @Lucas @Machado @Mel81x @nudge @Panflute @Panna King @Pep Talk @Philippe Coutinho @Rab @Rafa Beneathus @Redcanuck @Rick @robosys @roversgirl @Rucksackfranzose @SchalkeUK @ScoRoss @shut up @SirBalon @Smiley Culture @Spike @Stan @StefBWFC @Storts @Takyon @Teso dos Bichos @The Artful Dodger @The Liquidator @The Palace Fan @The Rebel CRS @tlr @Toinho @Tommy @True Blue @UNORTHODOX @Viva la FCB @YNWA @R-D @...Dan @6666

Hopefully that covers everyone - If you are interested in taking part but don't want to make your pick this early, I can tag you closer to the time of the first fixture. If you would like me to do this please let me know below.


All that's left is to share the fixtures below, with the added bonus of some early odds (in decimal format for ease of comparison) for the opening day match-winners:


Week 1 Fixtures

Man Utd (1.44) vs Leicester (7.50)

Newcastle (3.40) vs Tottenham (2.10)

Bournemouth (2.00) vs Cardiff (3.60)

Fulham (2.30) vs Crystal Palace (3.10)

Huddersfield (6.00) vs Chelsea (1.53)

Watford (2.20) vs Brighton (3.30)

Wolverhampton (2.25) vs Everton (3.20)

Liverpool (1.28) vs West Ham (11.00)

Southampton (1.90) vs Burnley (4.00)

Arsenal (3.50) vs Man City (2.00)

Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea are clearly likely to be the most popular picks this first week, but bear in mind you can only use each of these big-hitters once, so don't be surprised if you see people throw a Southampton or Bournemouth in there somewhere too! Good luck folks.

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This is already a tricky one for me xD I don't want to take any risks having been booted out in the first round of the World Cup game, but I don't even trust Liverpool or Man Utd to be 100% nailed on.

I'm going for Liverpool though.

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1 hour ago, Cannabis said:

Sadly, I think Wolves is a decent bet. Not going against Everton though so I'll have to think about who else there is.

Wolves v Everton is a sure draw. Can't see you losing it. I think Wolves are good but are getting slightly over-rated.

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